Showcase 70

‘Facets’ Chen Xin x Lynaire Kibblewhite Art and Jewellery Exhibition Opening

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Date: October, 2023



Lynaire’s work as a goldsmith not only brings beauty to the world but also adds value to people’s lives by becoming an integral part of their treasured moments and memories.

The concept for Lynaire’s jewellery designs, in the ‘FACETS’ exhibition, have been inspired by the beautiful fan shaped artworks of Chen Xin. Exhibiting Chen’s artworks alongside Lynaire’s exquisite jewellery creates a wonderfully rich connection between artistry, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Lynaire’s dedication to her craft and the passion she has for her profession is very evident, her creativity has blossomed into an amazing and fulfilling career and it is a genuine privilege to collaborate with her on this amazing exhibition.

Chen Xin is a contemporary artist known for his abstract paintings. He was born in Beijing and later graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München in Germany in 2006. He currently resides and works in both Beijing and Munich.

Chen Xin’s artistic journey began in 1999, when he started focusing on the theme of abstract painting as a medium to delve into the essence of contemporary society. Over the years, he has taken this concept and applied it to his artwork, using abstract forms to reflect the spirit and desires that define the modern world. In more recent times, he has also turned his attention towards oriental culture and has engaged with the process of re-deconstructing, re-establishing, and transforming traditional humanistic aesthetics, particularly exploring the concept of “The Shape of the Mountains”.

His artwork has been prominently featured in significant exhibitions across the globe, which has helped him gain recognition for his unique artistic style and distinctive approach. In 2015, he achieved the honour of winning the Palm Art Award in Germany, which further solidified his place in the contemporary art scene.

Chen Xin’s practice reflects a fusion of abstract art and cultural exploration, making him a notable figure in the art world for his ability to weave together diverse influences into his distinctive body of work.

Having the opportunity to exhibit Chen Xin’s artwork, for the first time in New Zealand, is such an honour.


Barry Radford

October, 2023