Showcase 68

“Tangible World”
Vicki Kerr Art Exhibition

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Date: August, 2023


“Tangible World” Vicki Kerr

Artist Statement

Pin works

The photographic works in this exhibition explore our connection to nature and wildlife, drawing from various sources including personal collections and image sharing sites on the internet.

Pins are used to trace the subject matter of the printed photograph, transcending its two-dimensional nature to emphasise materiality and tactile experience – a multisensory engagement that goes beyond the photograph’s surface. In a world dominated by digital imagery the act of pinning creates a sense of depth and texture, evoking a sense of presence and connection with the physical world. Pins act as guides encouraging viewers to pause and wonder about their relationship with the natural world, and perhaps receive renewed appreciation for the tangible aspects of life that may be overlooked in our increasingly digital existence.

Wall Rug project – Title: Boy 22 08 2022 AD

Rugs not only respond to how we live, but also shape it. Our encounter with rugs is spatial, connected with the body, determining its movement through space. When rugs represent bodies, interaction between rug, body represented, and encountering body come together in complex ways.

Whether a prayer rug, floor covering, horse saddle or funerary accoutrement, rugs are liminal to figure and ground. Using a digital photograph as a source for this rug’s design, the represented figure is a boy walking on a Greek beach, recalling the sculptural form of a Greek kouros. The striding youth evokes a sense of timelessness and universality, transcending boundaries of gender, culture, and history. The image speaks to the shared human experience of movement and exploration, emphasising our collective connection to the world and the claim that humanity has on it.

Time assumes a central role in this project. Throughout the construction process, there were challenges and experimentation, leading to tweaks and alterations. The process of translating a snapped digital photograph into a labour-intensive handcrafted rug indexes temporalities that influence and shape the respective mediums.

HANRAD has been instrumental in exploring unforeseen and innovative possibilities. Through this collaboration, the conventional boundaries between photography and rug making have been transcended, leading to the creation of a rug that breaks with convention to capture the essence of the original photograph and show how photography and rug making can merge and interact.