Showcase 66

‘His, Hers and Mine’ David Lloyd Art Exhibition

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Date: April, 2023


We are so excited to present this amazing exhibition of David Lloyd Collection. David’s artwork is truly unique and intriguing, incorporating tar-stained Matai timber boards into artworks with amazing textures and shapes. David’s creativity and artistic vision have transformed something so unexpected into captivating artworks.

Chao and I were impressed by David’s collection when we were invited to his 80th birthday celebration. The fact that David had even more examples of his works in storage speaks to the comprehensive nature of his collection and his dedication to his craft. The idea of holding an exhibition in the HANRAD Gallery was an exciting prospect, as it would provide an opportunity for a wider audience to appreciate David’s artworks. His works made a strong impression on both of us, and his invitation to see more of his pieces was an opportunity not to be missed.

David’s offer to create two new works for the exhibition was indeed a privilege, and it showed his enthusiasm and dedication to his craft. It’s evident that he is deeply invested in his artistic practice and is willing to share his unique perspective and creative expression with others through his artworks.

The fact that the works in the exhibition span over 15 years indicates that David has been actively engaged in his artistic pursuits for a significant period of time. His artworks reflect a rich and diverse range of topics that have influenced him throughout the years, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist.

As curators of the exhibition, Chao and I have a unique position to provide a platform for David’s artworks to be appreciated by a wider audience. It’s exciting to think about the variety of themes and styles that are showcased, offering a glimpse into David’s artistic journey and his artistic vision. Overall, David’s collection of artworks, including the new works he created, makes for a compelling and diverse exhibition that highlights his creative talent and unique use of tar-stained Matai timber boards as an artistic medium.