Showcase 51

HANRAD exhibits a stunning Wu Da Yu Art Rug in a top gallery in Shanghai.

Location: Shanghai, China
Date: May, 2020


Located at the foot of Chengdu’s Taoism Laojun Mountain in Southwest China, ZHI ART MUSEUM’s serene architecture brings to life the beauty and tranquility of Zen. An iconic work by renowned Japanese master architect, Kengo Kuma, the museum embodies the Eastern philosophy of “Learning from Nature” with the use of water as key feature, and the exploration of natural materials throughout, the architecture organically integrates its surrounding elements harmoniously. The tranquil flow and soft movements surrounding the entirety of the museum allow for contemplation and evoke notions of eternity through its unity with nature.

ZHI ART MUSEUM focuses to explore global contemporary art and its qualities as a force of universality, in the context of the future, present and past of Eastern aesthetics. The meaning of ZHI is to be an open concept, always striving to move from the world of the known to the unknown, and from the finite to the infinite. Within these parameters ZHI ART MUSEUM’s aim is to explore the integration of human inspiration and technology within the multiple facets of art, while also building a groundbreaking in-depth contemporary art collection and an unparalleled exhibition program, that together will foster a vital contribution to the integrity and creativity of art and art history of the 21st century.

BAO COLLECTION is the latest adventure of ZHI ART MUSEUM. The art gallery aims to make a difference to the ever-changing art scene in Shanghai. HANRAD’s art rug (Design WDY-002) from the Wu Da Yu collection is the statement piece displayed in the top floor VIP room along with other iconic design pieces including Domenico Ico Parisi’s blue velvet sofa, Mario Bellini’s 414 Cab Chair, Vittorio Nobili’s Medea chair, and Martine Bedin’s super lamp.

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