Showcase 48


Location: Shanghai, China
Date: November, 2019


ART021 SHANGHAI has become one of the most prestigious art fairs in mainland China where a carefully selected group of galleries from China and beyond are chosen to showcase their most profound artworks. HANRAD BESPOKE RUGS presented the Art Rug 《Untitled 122》 from the Wu Da Yu collection for the first time in the Chinese financial capital, along with the original artwork as part of the Shi Xiang Space exhibition. Exhibiting the real art work, that is worth around USD$1,150,000.00, alongside the Art Rug provided attendees with an opportunity to see how the HANRAD BESPOKE RUGS interpretation of the original art work created a new way to celebrate the artist in a unique way. It was a huge success! HANRAD, as a leading Art Rug brand, once again wowed the audience with its sophisticated style and unique take on art. We will return!

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