The Wild Great Wall refers to parts of the Great Wall which have not been repaired or renovated since it was built 2000 years ago. The surrounding locations have become popular areas to build country houses for the cities elite. HANRAD was commissioned to design two rugs, one for the living room and one for the tea lounge, for a modern country house with strong traditional Chinese cultural characteristics. The very core concept of “The Cultural Rug Collection” is to develop a new perspective to meet such unique demands. The inspiration is well rooted in the HANRAD COLLECTIBLE collections where ancient cultures are appreciated and celebrated. We developed the “Woven Dream Blue” rug design, which is inspired by minority Dong people’s amazing bamboo making techniques. This design is a part of the “Woven Dream” collection which reflects the subtle textures and colour graduations of vintage basket work, infused with colour to create a rich and luxurious rug surface. This rug is a great match for the living room integrating the colours of other key accessories in the room to deliver a unifying element to the overall design concept. For the tea lounge upstairs, HANRAD drew its inspiration from the artwork hanging on the wall, creating a new design that adds dimension and impact to the space.

Location: Beijing, China
Date: May, 2019