Showcase 42

Christine Harris

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Date: February, 2019


A recent trip back to New Zealand by Mr. Radford gave him the opportunity to meet the artist Christine Harris, who is a contemporary artist based in Wellington. Love of beauty and colour in design has always been at the centre of Christine Harris’ work. Her background is in ceramics, as one of New Zealand’s leading potters designing and manufacturing hand painted tableware for the domestic and export markets. Christine has left the world of ceramics behind and now concentrates on her painting which she also incorporates into a collection of products including fine textiles, lampshades and handmade wallpaper. She explores the ancient art of marbling using a 14th century technique which utilizes the natural movement of water which she paints on. Once the artwork has been completed on the surface of the water she then places the canvas onto the design which transfers the image to the canvas. The artwork is highly skilled and visually spectacularly. HANRAD is excited to be working on a collection of her original works.

HANRAD as a brand constantly pushes the boundaries to find new ways to interpret artworks into unique rugs.

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