HANRAD’s reputation as designers of art rugs is widely recognized by the art community. We were approached by the artist’s granddaughter to design and make the collection of Hiunkin Pang’s original rug designs from the 1940s. What a privilege it is be part of this historic moment as this is the first time these rugs have been taken from the page to actual reality. The original designs were painted in water colours and we have retained the painterly aspect of the original designs by carefully mixing both the material, techniques and colours.

Mr. Pang went to Paris to study art in the 1920s and when he returned to China he established the Storm Society, an important organization that was instrumental in developing Chinese contemporary art. The Storm Society was the vehicle he used to express his ambition to revive Chinese art. He wanted his art to be a decisive storm that would sweep through the degenerate and corrupt Chinese art world of the time. Pang also published the first book about interior design products in China in the 1940s in which he designed a collection of household products including sheets, bowls and carpets. His passion to change ordinary people’s lives through design still has its root in today’s Chinese design sentiments. He was the founder of the prestigious Central Academy of Craft Art with the support from the Prime Minister, Zhou En Lai. There is no doubt that Pang was one of the most influential artists in China’s development of the contemporary art movement.

HANRAD was commissioned to make all four of the original rug designs created by Pang into rugs for Pang’s family and the Hiunkin Pang museum.

Location: Beijing, China
Date: October, 2018