Showcase 33

The Four Dragons.

Location: Kaili, China
Date: November, 2017


HANRAD Collectible is developing a new collection of hand-embroidered cushions inspired by the ethnic minority cultures of China. Traditionally the Dragon is highly regarded in the Han Chinese culture as the icon used exclusively by the Emperor and his court and its use by any other individual was strictly prohibited, whereas the minority cultures from Southwestern China, incorporated the dragon symbol in their embroidery designs and can commonly be seen in their daily life.

The use of the Dragon here is not about representing ultimate power, rather, it is a way of expressing feelings and emotions of the creator. In this sense, the dragon is to be celebrated, not to be feared. The Four Dragons cushion is embroidered using silk on Italian natural silk backing by gifted local artisans. The dragon pattern is much more playful, abstract and vivid when compared to those used in Han examples. HANRAD’s Kaili studio is managed by local people who work closely with the HANRAD design team to create the finest and the most authentic products for our exclusive clientele.