HANRAD’s reputation as a creator of exquisite art rugs creator is widely recognized in both art and design circles. Shi Xiang Space, one of the most influential art institutions in China, invited HANRAD to reinterpret the artist Wu Da Yu’s best known artwork “Dancing Flowers” as a handcrafted bespoke rug. Wu went to Paris in the 1920s studying art and was a pioneer introducing western style oil painting to China. Wu is regarded now as one of the most significant Chinese artists of the 20th century.

Reinterpreting the magnificent painting of Wu DA Yu as a handcrafted bespoke rug was an absolutely inspiring project. The design process was intense as we strove to capture an accurate representation of the patterns and colours as well as the emotional connection of the artworks itself. We analysed the movement and textures within the artworks and strive to recreate the sense of energy, intensity and feelings of the individual artwork.

Taking an original artwork, that is often quite small, and extrapolating that using a through a different medium and in a far larger scale takes time not only in the design phase but also in the creation of the finished product.

The Wu Da Yu Rug incorporates the use of the very best of materials and the expertise of highly skilled artisans. All the craftspeople we select to hand make our rugs have a minimum of 8 years’ experience with many with more than twenty years. Every step of the rugs creation is personally overseen by Barry Radford, the Founder and Creative Director of HANRAD. Barry’s passion for the project and attention to detail has ensured that the end result is truly inspiring and absolutely unique.

The end result is surely beyond expectation. Mr. Li, the founder of Shi Xiang Space, spoke at the opening ceremony of the 2017 Shi Xiang collectibles exhibition and said that the “Dancing Flowers” rug truly expressed the inner spirit of Wu’s artistic sense and is one of the best objects inspired by Wu’s work. The rug was viewed and appreciated by the many high profile art lovers and media representatives from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and The US. Mr. Li also announced that he will commission HANRAD to design and make a Wu Da Yu Rug Collection that will be displayed at the Wu Da Yu museum. A truly exciting opportunity and show of support for HANRAD and its passion for the design and making of handcrafted bespoke art rugs.

Location: Beijing, China
Date: August, 2017