Showcase 23

The West Chateau Project.

Location: Beijing, China
Date: July, 2016


The highly successful collaboration with Maxmarko has provided a real showcase for HANRAD Bespoke Rug designs. Maxmarko showrooms in other major cities around China have now added HANRAD rugs based on Chen Xin’s artwork to there selection. Mr. Radford has continued to develop new designs with Chen Xin and developed these into a comprehensive collection.

The idea of transforming art into rug is especially attractive to high-end clients and exclusive design firms who demand unique and rare pieces for their projects.

The West Chateau Project was significant in that it allowed HANRAD to offer an interior design solution that once again combined art and design cohesively. HANRAD mixed art rugs and original artworks with top Italian furniture brands such as FENDI, B&B, Roberto Cavalli, Luxury Living Group and Casamilano along with lighting from Rococo Borghese, Longhi Love Lux, Mazzega and Palluco very creatively. The end result is absolutely superb.

The bespoke rug I the main living room was based on Chen Xin’s original oil painting which he painted while he was in Germany. The large, 28 square metre, rug provided the inspiration for the overall design concept for the room adding vibrancy and colour and creating a phenomenal accent to the space.

Along the design journey the client started his first collection of original artwork which were recommended by HANRAD, including two original works from Chen Xin. View Chen Xin collection