HANRAD’s artistic approach to design is fundamental to the design process and one which is highly valued by our clients.

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Radford started working with a celebrity client to provide interior solutions for her 600 square meters villa, located in the most expensive residential area of Beijing. Furniture, lighting and artistic objects from UK, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Denmark, and Germany were carefully selected, along with 20 pieces of original art from Chinese artist Chen Xin, Beijing-based Ukrainian artist Alena Olasyuk, New Zealand artist Sally Smith, Chinese sculpture artist Wen Xichao, German MELZ design and from the HANRAD collectibles collections. This project has been a journey of art and design for both the client and Mr. Radford and the final result provided the client with a truly unique and exciting interior that they absolutely love. The client has reveled in sharing her new interior with her friends and family. Due to a confidentiality agreement, we are unable to show any interior photos of the finished project.

Location: Beijing, China
Date: April, 2016