Lady Yang, HANRAD Collectible partner, talks to a French TV producer about how to create La Ran, and what La Ran means to her and her Miao culture. La Ran is the ancient Chinese technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a fabric base cloth. La Ran is made by hand drawing the design of the resist with a spouted tool called a canting. Once the fabric is painted with the wax designs, it is placed in a natural dye bath where only the areas with no wax are dyed.

HANRAD is inspired by the minority cultures of China, aiming to preserve and promote them internationally via creating unique culturally inspired products. Our handcrafted La Ran cushions are created by talented artists, like Yang, who are a significant part of the HANRAD creative team.

Watch the documentary (26 mins) below and see for yourself the stunning level of craftsmanship.

Location: Kaili, China
Date: April, 2010