Tang Huawei

Tang Huawei was born in Hunan in 1972 and studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Graduate School of Chinese National Academy of Arts, the leading art institutions in China.

Tang studied oil painting under one of China’s leading realistic styled oil painters of the 1990’s, Mr. Feng Fasi, and over ten years devoted his endeavor’s to developing his own distinct voice embracing a unique contemporary style.

Tang lives and works in Beijing and his work has been widely exhibited both within China and Internationally.

Tang Huawei concentrates on spiritual cultivation, before selecting the adequate brush to render the intricacies of life and the deliberate paucity of means shown in his tools speaks for his spiritual pursuit. The artist sharpened his thoughts to search deeper into the core of matter to retrieve the forgotten nature of relatedness.

Sylvie Samani, French writer and art critic
Excerpt from Relatedness