Dandan Dai

Dandan Dai was born in Beijing in 1979 graduating from the Communication University of China, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2002. Dandan then travelled to Wales graduating from the University of Wales in Wales, UK with a Master of Arts degree in 2004.

Dandan Dai currently works and lives in Beijing and is a highly regarded and successful artist exhibiting widely both within China and Internationally.

Artist’s statement

‘Freedom is limited under the rules. It is human nature to break away from restrictions and gain freedom.

It is a landscape of restriction and freedom.

The lines, the warp and weft, are the rules. The key is how to break the rule and get freedom. These beautiful latitude and longitude lines, just like the art of society. It seems to be perfect, but they are lifeless. Breaking the routine are the core values of the works. Each of works is a process of breaking. The process is a kind of confrontation and struggle between freedom and rules, as well as fight between sensibility and rationality. Frame and color limit the element and consciousness.

We can find a good way to keep everything going well between freedom and rules’…

Dandan Dai