Design No: ACC-3337
Size: 55cm x 55cm
Insert: Duck Down & Feather

Zhucang La Ran Cushions

La Ran has a long history in the South West of China dating back to the Qin and Han dynasties. The time consuming nature of its production involves hand applying the wax to a linen base cloth to form the pattern which will create the permanent pattern. Once the wax pattern is applied it is then placed in a traditional dye bath which uses only natural vegetable ingredients. The dying process takes time   to reach the desired colour intensity it can’t be rushed. Removal of the wax residue is done by immersing the cloth into boiling water before its final wash and dry.  Once the La Ran process has been finished hand embroidered silk accents are added.

The patterns used in the Zhucang Cushion Collection incorporate a variety of traditional patterns used  by the Buyi people on formal jacket collars and sleeves and incorporate depictions of the sun, moon, star, mountain river and house motifs that represent not only fertility, health and prosperity but also the Buyi’s migration through various parts of China.

HANRAD, using these traditional patterns, create each piece using highly skilled local craftspeople that create the work in the traditional time honoured fashion ensuring each work is truly unique.

All cushions are supplied with a duck down and feather insert. Size 55cm x 55cm