Design No: ACC-1019
Embroidery Style inspired by: Bijie Yi Baby Carrier
(Late Qing Era, circa 1900)
45cm x 45cm
Insert: Duck Down & Feather

Bijie Cushions

This newly embroidered work was inspired by a Bijie Yi Baby Carrier from the Late Qing Era, circa 1900. The embroidery style used requires the artist to keep extremely close control of the stitch. The decorative elements are built up with flat embroidery, overworked with locked-edge stitch, which is not only very laborious but demands a high level of skill. To complete this work it takes a highly skilled embroiderer approximately one month.

HANRAD, uses the traditional sifang flower pattern, literally meaning ‘four corners’ flower, at the very centre of the design. Four birds, flanking the flower, are formed from the decorative motif known as ‘flower grass’. The beaks of the four birds touch the flower, which is an esoteric way of portraying human reproduction. The style, while using flowing natural forms, is highly abstract. Embroidered on a richly textured raw silk base cloth the result is a highly sophisticated and luxurious work with a striking visual effect.

All cushions are supplied with a duck down and feather insert. Size 45cm x 45cm