Design No: ACC-1018
Embroidery Style inspired by: Xiang Bed Valance
(Late Qing Era, circa 1900)
Size: 45cm x 45cm
Insert: Duck Down & Feather

Shidong Cushions

This newly embroidered work was inspired by a Xiang Bed Valance, Late Qing Era, circa 1900. The embroidery style used is Po Xian Xiu. The Xiang technique of unravelling silk threads into finer filaments before deftly mixing those filaments with complementary colours yields a subtlety lacking in any other Han method of silk dyeing.

HANRAD, selected a traditional butterfly pattern for this design, hand embroidered on a richly textured raw silk base cloth endows the work with a highly sophisticated and luxurious visual effect.

All cushions are supplied with a duck down and feather insert. Size 45cm x 45cm