Gaye Jurisich

Gaye Jurisich

Gaye Jurisich

Gaye Jurisich is a multi-disciplinary artist with a particular interest in the interconnections between elements and their surrounding space. Her work explores the encounters between natural and industrial materials, arranging them in mostly unaltered and ephemeral states. She is fascinated with the resulting juxtapositions and mutuality’s that arise from these encounters, often without the need for authorship or ownership.

In “After Thoughts and Deliberations” Gaye Jurisich re-examines the narratives she has explored in her previous work, this time through the mediums of paint and paper mache sculptures. Her approach to these materials is both expressive and carefully considered, resulting in works that are layered and complex.

Jurisich’s work is dependent upon references that exist in the outside world, but she goes beyond the obvious and seeks to create meaning through the result rather than simply recognising the source. This approach allows her to create works that are thought-provoking and visually engaging, with multiple layers of meaning.

Despite her strong back catalogue as a multi-disciplinary artist, Jurisich’s new works are detailed, precise and wild all at once. Her installations and sculptural works fall somewhere between the naturalistic approach of Andy Goldsworthy and the immersive, web-like installations of Chiharu Shiota.

Visually stunning aesthetics are also a hallmark of Jurisich’s work. She employs a range of artistic techniques, including intricate detailing, vibrant colours, and innovative use of materials, to create visually captivating pieces. By combining aesthetic appeal with intellectual depth, Jurisich’s art captivates viewers and leaves a lasting impression.

The Art Rug Collaboration with HANRAD

Reinterpreting artworks through a different medium is not just about making a copy of the visual, but about capturing the essence of the work with all its layers and complexities. In this collaboration, the goal was to translate the emotional impact and depth of Jurisich’s paintings into beautiful, tactile, and functional art rugs.

The collaboration between Gaye Jurisich and the HANRAD designers on the creation of the Art Rugs inspired by her artworks, ‘I want to get away, I want to fly away’ and ‘Tell me a story before I go to bed’ is an exciting example of the possibilities of collaboration across different disciplines. The resulting rugs capture the essence of the original paintings and bring them to life in a new and tactile form.