Hand Crafted Bespoke Rugs

HANRAD understands that each client has a distinct taste and style. We take pride in crafting unique rug designs that are tailored to the individual preferences and requirements of our esteemed clients. Whether it’s a custom piece for a residential space, a corporate environment, or any other setting, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision. Our team of skilled artisans then brings those ideas to life, meticulously handcrafting each rug with precision and care. The result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the client’s personality and adds a touch of artistry to their surroundings. 

All HANRAD rugs are unique as each design is individually handcrafted so no two rugs are ever exactly the same.

The Process of Creating a Bespoke Rug

Essentially all our rugs are bespoke, as crafting rugs for individual clients is what we do. So if you want an exquisite handcrafted rug in a particular design, colour or size we can make it for you.

When it comes to design you can select from our existing collections or we can design something for you exclusively. When creating a Custom Design we require a design brief with examples of the style of design you are looking for. Any size and combination of colours is achievable so let your imagination run wild.

We will create a drawing of the design in the size and colours you request and send it to you for review. Any changes can easily be achieved and once the design, size, colour and material choices have been confirmed we will make a 50cm square sample of the design and send it to you. There is an initial charge for the sample but this will be deducted from the cost of the rug once a confirmed order is placed. Sometimes a client requests significant changes once they receive the sample and we can always make additional samples if required. We will make 1 sample free for each rug ordered. If additional samples are requested then there will be a charge for these.

Once a confirmed order is placed we start the manufacturing process which will take between 60 and 90 days, depending on the complexity and number of colours incorporated into the rug. Remember that the rug will take time to deliver depending on the method of transport. Rugs can be airfreighted or be shipped depending on your requirements.


Dyeing and Design Sketching

It all starts with the dyeing of the materials. Once an order is confirmed we select the fibres that have been chosen and individually dye these to the rug specifications. We have virtually any material choice available, including New Zealand Wool, Chinese Silk, Bamboo Silk, Cotton or Art Silk to name but a few.

During the dyeing process we will start the sketching of the design onto the backing cloth. This process is highly skilled and requires the craftsperson to hand draw the design along with the colour information and the materials to be used within each area.

With some of our designs using up to 40 individual colours and multiple materials we need to be very specific as to how the information is communicated with the artisan’s hand crafting each rug.


Tufting Process

Basically there are just 2 types of pile finishes used in the hand tufting process, either a loop or cut pile, but it is the way that these are integrated that creates the amazing textures that are truly unique to the hand tufting process. The designs are augmented by using different mixes of fibres which create different visual effects depending on the fibres reflective properties and the pile type used. Wool has lower light reflective properties compared to the likes of Art Silk and these difference can be enhanced through the use of cut or loop pile. Loop pile creates more light reflective surfaces due to the fibres being bent rather than cut and we use this to great effect in our designs.

For the designs inspired by artwork we replicate the wonderful blended effect of colours by mixing several colours within each strand of the pile. This is a time consumming and delicate process that requires the craftsperson to have many years of experience to achieve the desired results.

By intergrating multiple pile heights into our designs we are able to create a dynamic effect through the texture that this produces on the surface of the rug. Some designs in our collections use up to 5 different pile heights that give the rug a truly dynamic appearance as we highlight the direction of the patterns within the design.

It is all about the detail when creating a truly exquisite and unique rug. Every rug we design is handcrafted to exacting standards through every step of the process.


Hand Finishing

Once the tufting process has been finished and the quality control check has been completed, the rug is transferred to the hand finishing department where the surface of the rug is trimmed.

We use several different types of trimming processes depending on the design specification. Many of our rugs incorporate several different trimming techniques within the one design. Whether it’s a plush velvet surface, hand sheared, hand scissor trimmed or has hand carved detailing each rug is carefully finished to ensure that the desired surface effect is achieved to the highest standard.

Having completed the trimming process the rug is now ready for the final detailing ready for dispatch.

Welcome to HANRAD Gallery

HANRAD is a captivating world where the realms of art and design converge. It’s a place where artists and designers collaborate to create exceptional art rugs, where original art exhibitions thrive, and where unique rug designs are meticulously crafted for discerning clients. In this vibrant space, your imagination knows no bounds, allowing you to explore the endless possibilities of art-inspired rugs.