The collection of videos in this section are varied in their subject matter. We will update this section regularly to bring you interesting material that relates to the design and manufacture of HANRAD products as well as covering our collaborating Artists work and other inspiring subjects that inspire us in our creative journey.

3. HANRAD with Stu & Camille | THE BREEZE WAIKATO

2. Yang – Internationally recognised master craftsperson working with La Ran in Guizhou China.

1. Chen Xin - HANRAD's first collaboration artist.

Welcome to HANRAD Gallery

HANRAD is a captivating world where the realms of art and design converge. It’s a place where artists and designers collaborate to create exceptional art rugs, where original art exhibitions thrive, and where unique rug designs are meticulously crafted for discerning clients. In this vibrant space, your imagination knows no bounds, allowing you to explore the endless possibilities of art-inspired rugs.